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Eyes on Me ETHOS

Eyes On Me Jewelry is ethically handmade in Bali by a community of artisans using traditional silver-smithing techniques that avoid the excessive waste associated with other forms of production. We are proud to use eco-friendly methods and ethically-sourced recycled silver and other metals. This sustainable alternative reduces the demand for mining these precious metals, ensuring minimal environmental impact. No harmful chemicals are used in the production process. Eyes On Me is the Jewelry brand of choice for those who are eco-conscious and prefer a sustainable, environmentally-aware lifestyle.





Eyes On Me Jewelry focuses on preserving the craft and driving it forward for the generations to come. The combination of traditional skills combined with today’s technology encourages new generations to learn and further develop the art of making jewelry. However, the appreciation of artisan jewelry is often lost to the faster mass production industry, one of the solution that we think might help is by eliminating the middle persons and working only with distributors and retailers who share our fundamental values and vision.


We believe complete transparency to our customers is important, so here’s how it all works:


With a Middle Man

Cost To Produce

Retail Mark-up

You Pay (Retail Price)

USD 15.00


USD 150.00



Eyes on Me Jewelry

Cost To Produce

Pay To Smith 50%

Our Markup

You Pay (Retail Price)

USD 15.00

USD 7.50


USD 67.5


 Eyes on Me Jewelry MISSION

Working towards building a smith learning studio for aspiring  Indonesian artisans to learn everything about the beautiful process of creating hand-crafted silver or gold jewelry. We want to empower our locals and give them the opportunities to use their refined skills.


Eyes on Me Jewelry Inspiration 

Indonesia, the largest archipelago of the world, consists of a necklace of some 13,500 islands, running about 5,200 km from Sabang in the north-west to Merauke in the south-east.

It is probably the world’s most diversified country, with its 1,300 plus ethnic groups with their own dialects, governed by their own customs, traditions and rites, with their own unique traditional homes, dresses and cuisine, creating a vast diversity of textiles, carvings, art forms and craftmanship, passed on through generations and moulded by traditions. Household items which were decorated and used for ceremonial purposes were developed into handicrafts.

The abundant artistic traditions of mystical Bali, where customary each person must develop mastery in a particular art form, has created a vibrant artistic community and attracted foreign artists to Bali for centuries.
Indonesia’s silver crafts and silver jewellery are today a sought after commodity all over the world. Indonesian silver work is absolutely divine, as each piece is painstakingly hand crafted by silver smiths from scratch. Hours and hours are spent over the creation of just one perfect design. These artisans practise their craft from the early age of 5, sitting beside their father, watching him transforming the cold raw metal into a unique peace of art and without realizing they become masters themselves 20 years later.